24hrs – Go Up ft. T-Pain

24hrs & T-Pain pay homage to their favorite profession. 24hrs, previously known as Rizzy Rock, recently blessed us with the DJ-Drama hosted mixtape 12 AM In Atlanta. Now, the Atlanta rapper continues his hustle with two brand new tracks, both of which feature the king of autotune, T-Pain.

The first of which is called “Go Up,” and considering who came along for the ride, it’s no surprise that strippers are involved to some capacity. In fact, the entire song is an ode to the noble profession of stripping, an art-form of which 24hrs and T-Pain are self-proclaimed connoisseurs.

The track’s double-entendre refrain of “go up, now come down” sets a playful tone of things to follow, and 24hrs kicks things off with an autotune-laced verse. “Clothes come off spend a whole bunch of money if you kiss her I’ma blow more money,” sings 24 hrs, before revealing a more progressive and accepting side.

“You know I like what you do, I’m not gon’ ever judge you,” he professes, before painting an idyllic fantasy of cruising in a drop-top with his new stripper chick.

Over a bouncy beat, 24hrs passes the mic to T-Pain, who slides onto the scene with some hilarious imagery in his opening lines.

“I’m up in the air like that McDonald’s sign looks like open legs, girl I been drinking’ straight Henny all day put some Coke in there,” sings T-Pain, somehow managing to make the fast-food conglomerate sound sensual.

His gravitas is notable, and it’s hard to argue that T-Pain steals the show here; after all, he more or less pioneered this very sub-genre of hip-hop, and his anthem “I’m N Luv” was a notable predecessor to “Go Up.”

If you enjoyed this, be sure to check out 24hrs’ second T-Pain collaboration, the “What You Like (Remix).” Remember, T-Pain is set to drop his new Oblivion album on November 17th.

Updated: December 9, 2017 — 10:54 pm

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