Blackbear – Bright Pink Tims ft. Cam’ron

Who else to get but Cam’ron on a song called “Bright Pink Tims”? There’s one person who actually made wearing pink cool. That person is Killa Cam. Throughout the early 2000’s, he turned heads with his flamboyant choice of color. From the cars, to the mink coat and hat, he made a statement with his clothing choices.

It became so popular, that he even launched his own shade of pink called “Killa Pink.” Today, singer-songwriter, blackbear grabs Cam’Ron for his latest song “Bright Pink Tims.”

Blackbear’s name first popped up when he co-wrote Justin Bieber’s massive 2012 single, “Boyfriend.” The single later peaked at number two on the charts and really helped blackbear make a name for himself through the music industry.

At the time, his music was stylistically geared towards a more rock sound. Since then, he’s taken his talents and brought it over to the hip hop and R&B masses. Today, he launches his huge new single with Killa Cam where the two do nothing but flex throughout the song.

Blackbear takes on the sing-rap style that’s been popularized through the years. The song’s production gears towards a much darker, EDM trap sound which suits Blackbear’s style well.

Cam’ron’s been able to transcend his sound over the years, making him an easy person to fit on just about any song. The two of them connect for what might end up being Blackbear’s most successful single yet.

He’s currently gearing up to drop his upcoming Cybersex album which is due out on November 27th.

Aside from the release of “Bright Pink Tims,” Blackbear recently linked up with Gucci Mane for the remix to “Do Re Mi.” He’s previously worked with UK Grime artist, AJ Tracey in the past and also worked with G-Eazy.

It’s looking like he’s going to have a hot album, especially with the way that the previous singles he’s released sound.

Updated: December 9, 2017 — 10:52 pm

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