Famous Dex – Pick It Up ft. ASAP Rocky

Famous Dex and A$AP Rocky deliver some heat. Famous Dex is emerging as one of hip-hop’s most flamboyant and animated characters, and Rich The Kid’s protege has been steady making a name for himself.

His anticipated album Dex Meets Dexter is coming soon, and now, fans can get a glimpse of what to expect from the inevitably wild project.

Bold prediction: there will be ad-libs and high profile features. In all seriousness, Famous Dex is one of the new generation’s most memorable personalities, and while his style may not be for everyone, he’s clearly caught the attention of some key players. Case in point, A$AP Rocky himself came through for a guest verse on the brand new cut “Pick It Up.

In an interview about the song, Dex reveals that he initially wasn’t feeling the instrumental, and didn’t want to record over it. However, that changed when he found out who would be gracing it: “I’m like, “I don’t like this song, I don’t want it.”

They played it again. Guess who is on there? ASAP Rocky. I freaked the fuck out. Oh hell nah. It sounded 10 times better and everything. It was a great, great look, and it’s a great, great record.”

Dex also reveals that he knows how to effectively build hype, and breaks down the reaction when he first began previewing the jam: I hit ‘em with a little clip on the ‘Gram, and they like, “This song clip is fire!” Everybody that I’m close to like Ugly God, Yachty, and Rich, they were texting me like, “Yo bro, that fucking song with Rocky? That’s going to be the one.”

The song itself certainly lives up to the type, and both rappers play to their strengths. Dexter brings a wild and uninhibited energy, firing off playfully pornographic lines like “bust on your bitch like a glock, she like to suck on my cock, ou.”

Rocky comes through with a touch of class, playing up his image as a mysterious playboy fashonista: “my jacket from Sweden,” he raps. “My chick don’t exactly know English.”

Updated: December 9, 2017 — 10:54 pm

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