Justin Snow – Repoman

Another body for Justin Snow. At the top of the month, Miami-based rapper Justin Snow dropped off the third release of his relatively short career and kicked off a new series in the same stride.

In lieu of a traditional full-length project, Snow, who broke out around this time last year with his debut “White on White” single, has instead decided to launch his “Body Count” series, a collection of “episodes” that all tie into the greater plot that his Justin Snow’s persona: a social media slasher of sorts.

This time around, he’s setting the scene with “S1E2: Repoman,” as he maintains his theme of essentially swiping someone else’s girl right from under them, an element present at the inception of “Body Count” with “S1E1.”

“Tell your man I’m sorry, but I gotta do it/If he ain’t paying you no mind you know I gotta tow it,” he declares on the track, once again flipping original concepts into a double meaning.

Updated: December 9, 2017 — 10:50 pm

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