Lightshow – No Info ft. YFN Lucci

Lightshow and YFN Lucci have “No Info.” Washington D.C. rapper Lightshow has been killing it, recently dropping his new album Kalorama Heights on November 3rd. And while he nearly ended up going the fabled “no features” route, Lightshow ended up enlisting the capable talents of Atlanta’s YFN Lucci for “No Info.”

The Rozart produced cut finds Lightshow setting things off on a melodic note, singing “she look like Barbie, I ain’t no Ken though, I smoke the Marley with all my kinfolk.” He proceeds to deliver an autotune-tinged melodic verse, spitting about his come-up, his time in jail, and his life in the trap.

“I’m just navigating through these streets no fabrication,” raps Lightshow. “I heard you coming home, you beat that case congratulations.”

Over some synth strings and an ominous piano riff, Lightshow trades bars with YFN Lucci, who has quietly been killing the features lately. He recently put in work on Lil Durk’s smooth “Feel Good” joint, and now, he holds it down with the second verse on “No Info.”

“Hey you know me, I’ma get the dough,” raps Lucci. “My bankroll so big it don’t fold, I’ma stay down all week same clothes, ten toes, Dickies fresh like I’m bankroll.”

It’s a straightforward but effective flow, and Lucci continues with some powerful proclamations. “I go sit down and do some time for what I stand for,” he claims, and you know he means it.

If you’re a fan of either artist, be sure to check this one out, if only for the hilarious third verse bar from Lightshow, in which the D.C. rhymer big ups the notorious Matilda character.

“I got a full auto and a trench coat, put hands on n***as like Ms. fuckin’ Trunchbull.” What do ya’ll think about this one? You feeling it?

Updated: December 9, 2017 — 10:53 pm

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