Lil Wop – Wokstar

Lil Wop brings the Halloween vibes on “Wokstar.” It’s only appropriate that Gucci Mane’s latest signee is dropping his upcoming Wopaveli 3 mixtape in late October.

After all, the twenty-four year old Atlanta rapper is clearly enamored with horror films, and Wopaveli 3’s Gothic artwork certainly makes for one of 2017’s more sinister album covers. In fact, the project’s artistic direction is straight up vampiric, with Wop sporting a pair of fangs, a Dracula-esque cape, and a cloud of bats fluttering around him.

Not to mention, Wop is posted up in a cemetery, enclosed within the confines of a classic horror movie cemetery fence. To be honest, it’s a strange, yet unique direction for an Atlanta based trap emcee, which should appeal to those looking for something with an eerie vibe.

Today, Wop comes through with a single from what promises to be a hell of a ride. “Wokstar,” a hazy 808H track, finds Lil Wop growling laid-back bars amidst nigh-overwhelming adlibs. Vocally, the song is definitely unsettling, and the dissonant vocal sample gives the song a feverish vibe.

It’s most definitely a deliberate creative choice, as Wop clearly wants his listeners to feel on edge. For a bit of context, check out some of the other track titles, which include “Murder Rate,” “Friday The 13th,” “Walking Dead,” “Sinister, and “Snakes.”

The album itself is set to feature Gucci Mane and Lil Wopster, but other than that, Lil Wop is handling matters by himself. If you’re looking for some spooky, drug-addled Gothic trap music, this project might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Otherwise, Wop’s rasp might prove a little off-putting, especially for those looking for something more traditional. Still, his unique voice gives him some serious character, so if you’re willing to dive into the hellish journey, you might find yourself rewarded.

Updated: December 9, 2017 — 10:55 pm

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