Nick Jonas – Find You

“Find You” is the second single from Nick Jonas upcoming fourth studio album. The Song Itself Explains a Lover Trying to Understand the His/Hers Partner but Just Can’t, And Is Trying to Figure Everything Out About Them.

The Single was Teased by Nick Jonas on September 13, 2017. An official teaser of the song was posted on Nick’s Twitter account.

Nick Jonas gives the meaning for his song and how he felt writing it;

I was at a point where I was about a year into writing and nothing was really connecting. I’d write something that I was really excited about for two or three days and then I’d realize it wasn’t unique. And then I went to Coachella, actually, and I was hanging out, watching a couple of different sets. And me and my friends just said, “Let’s just go dance in the rave tent.”

So, we go over there and smoke a little bit and we dance for five hours straight. And I just remember feeling like, “I just lost myself in this music and it had this steady house tempo, minimal production, and it was just so electrifying. So inspiring.”

I came back into the studio, and I worked with Simon Wilcox, who I wrote “Jealous” with, and some new producers. Jack and Coke from Sweden. I said, “I was just at Coachella and I had this amazing experience. What if we did a pop song and it had really deep lyrics and it was about my journey to find love and every time I’m around it, I kind of run from it. But to a house tempo. House elements of a steady guitar line that just runs through the whole thing.” And they started playing it. I started doing some of the melodies. Simon and I dug in on the lyric.

The thing I love about this song is that I wrote it with the intention to dance. From experience that was so authentic. I had fun with my friends, I danced, I was living the life. And what came out of it is this song that’s incredibly personal and important, I think to me. And I hope it becomes part of the fabric of people’s lives. Where in the same way, you know I went and saw Garth Brooks play recently. “Unanswered Prayers,” it’s such an amazing song. It’s one of those things where you can get swept up in the way it’s produced and the musicality of it and even the fact that it’s a slower song, but there are these moments that it hits you right between the eyes. Like, “Wow! This is what great songwriting is.” And my favorite example and country music is a big inspiration for me, but Willie Nelson “You’re Always on My Mind.” The recognition of fault in himself and the ability to say, but “You’re always on my mind.” To wrap up that chorus. That’s the moment I’m sure he went, “I did it! I got one!”

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Updated: November 3, 2017 — 12:51 pm

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