Traffic – Classic ft. ScHoolboy Q

Schoolboy Q & Traffic link up for some vintage West Coast vibes. After previously collaborating on the Blank Face closing track “Tookie Knows II,” ScHoolboy Q and Traffic have once again linked up for some West Coast vibes. This time around, Los Angeles emcee Traffic brought out Q for a feature on his own album, All Blue Everything, which also features Vince Staples, Trizz, Lil Blood & more.

The album’s second track “Classic” opens up with an old-school piano melody and some simplistic, grounded percussion; “ain’t nothin’ like the old shit, ain’t nothin’ like the old days,” raps Traffic, “I ain’t nothin’ like this new shit, ain’t nothin’ like you new n***as.” The proclamation is certainly reflected in the beat, which feels like something Ice Cube or Kurupt might have hopped on in the late nineties.

Traffic sets things off with a solid first verse, spitting coming-of-age bars like “while moms workin’ I was in the streets gone, thinkin’ I was grown, started gang-bangin’ gang slidin’ with the chrome.” He proceeds to deliver an aggressively dope flow, and his raspy voice is a cool compliment to Q’s icy charisma.

Speaking of the underrated TDE veteran, ScHoolboy Q absolutely obliterates his verse, solidifying himself as one of the best in the West; many may feel like label-mate Kendrick is leagues ahead of Q, but in reality, the pair might be closer than you think. Fans already know, but if you’re a Q doubter, listen to the effortless way he demolishes the laid-back beat.

His erratic flow is reminiscent of the aforementioned Kurupt, dancing in and out with stop-and-start bars. “Traffic said his pop wasn’t home but at least you knew him,” reflects Q, “posted on the block every day but I kept dreamin’, took my homies out the state to Europe to see it.” If you have any appreciation for West Coast hip hop, you’ll no doubt find something to like here.

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Updated: December 9, 2017 — 10:52 pm

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