Ye Ali – Wedding Bands

Ye Ali raps/sings about his one true love. Ye Ali returns with an ode to the stacks. The now L.A. based singer/rapper drops off “Wedding Bands” featuring K Camp that’s a soft listening beat about being “married to the money.”

Ye’s last full-length release was Passions & Patience that dropped in July. The project boasted features from Izaïah, Johnny Yukon, Eric Bellinger, as well as a much appreciated Ashanti sample. Ye’s sound is the type that can be played in any given situation, pre turn-up, drop-top coasting, or chill days.

Ye is no newbie when it comes to musical comparisons. He’s shrugged off fans who’ve said he sounds like The Weeknd, saying he’s been making that kind of music before the genre took over the mainstream.

“The reason people in Toronto fuck with me so heavy is that in their eyes, they realize I was one of the first artists post-The Weeknd who got into that sound pretty early,” he previously told VIBE. “That’s why you’ll never hear a Toronto artist or person criticize me in that respect because they know I was in the trenches, doing this early before these guys were these guys.”

“I’ve always been me and I leave it up to the audience to do their research and question if their favorite artist has always been who they are,” he concluded.

Listen to the new track and tell us what you think.

Updated: November 6, 2017 — 11:49 pm

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